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A Tudor Christmas

Piva helps kick start Christmas with a lively show of music of the season, backed up with seasonal stories and fables.  Piva washes away the Victorian influence and plays carols and tunes in a style which would have been familiar to someone from the 16th century.


Formed in 2002 Piva have firmly established themselves as a leading early music ensemble. Playing throughout the UK and across Europe, the group has gained a reputation for their lively performances and entertaining shows. Taking late 16th century dance and ballad tunes, Piva makes them ring out in the 21st century. At festivals, concerts and shows - Piva brings the music of the renaissance to life. Eric Moulder formed the group with the aim of bringing a fresh and energetic approach to the popular dance and ballad repertoire of the late renaissance period.

The members of Piva have wide and diverse musical backgrounds and between them they have experience in playing renaissance, jazz, classical, baroque, folk and roots music.  They bring all of these diverse musical influences  together and fuse them with their knowledge of renaissance music and instruments.  The result is a cohesive approach and attitude towards the renaissance repertoire: Piva’s aim is to be faithful to the music of the period whilst adding their own innovative arrangements and interpretations. All members of the group are multi-instrumentalists - playing up to 40 different instruments at a gig!

Not only do Piva play the instruments - they also make them! Three members of Piva are professional instrument makers.


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